Thursday, January 24, 2013

Voyages to Antiquity - Sailing to Myanmar

Voyages to Antiquity: Sailing to Myanmar | Travel News from Fodor's Travel Guides: "Launched in 2010 with a series of itineraries anchored on highlighting the history and culture of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, UK-based Voyages to Antiquity has branched out this fall to feature culture-focused cruises to the fabled ports of the Far East. I set sail aboard one of their inaugural Oriental voyages to Myanmar, Malaysia, and more, where shore excursions and expert onboard lecturers brought history to life on the high seas. The one-ship, premium cruise line is the latest in a series of small-ship cruise ventures for owner Gerry Herrod (former chairman of Ocean Cruise Line, Orient Lines, Pearl Cruises, and Discovery World Cruises), who partnered with various historians and author Lord John Julius Norwich (a chronicler of ancient Mediterranean civilizations) to craft the itinerary-driven sailings. Its 408-passenger Aegean Odyssey is small enough to navigate rivers, smaller harbors, and coastal cruising, which proved fruitful during our 15-night "Burma & the Malay Peninsula" sailing to old colonial ports and spice trading centers of Asia. . . ."

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