Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dan Frommer launches new travel app

Dan Frommer launches new travel app | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog: "Former Business Insider, Forbes, SplatF and ReadWriteWeb writer Dan Frommer has a new startup. As Frommer explains in a SplatF post, he wanted to do "something in mobile" and loves to travel, so he decided to combine those two interests into City Notes. City Notes is producing travel guides for iPhones and iPads -- and no, don't get the City Notes guides confused with the venerable Frommer's Travel Guides. Frommer had been keeping a bunch of text files of notes describing the best places to visit in various cities around the world. He decided to turn those notes into apps, keep them current and sell them to people. City Notes guides aren't going to be huge electronic books that cover every city block in detail. Instead, Frommer says that the goal is to "help you find the best and most interesting places in a city, not the most famous or most obvious, so you can have a great time.". . . "

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