Thursday, January 17, 2013

Solo Travel - 4 Top Cities

4 Top Cities For Solo Travel - Forbes: "Imagine lounging all day by the pool, lingering for hours at a museum, or rallying for a spontaneous adventure—all without having to crosscheck travel plans with someone else. Freedom to come and go as you please is just one reason solo travel is on the rise; a recent American Express survey found that 16 percent of Americans said they will take a trip alone, up 12 percent from last year. New to solo travel? Start by choosing cities that are safe, friendly and not too remote (bonus points for spots where English is spoken prevalently). For inspiration, our editors chose four prime places to start your solo world tour. . . . Berlin - Somewhat underrated as a travel destination, Berlin is a hub of history and modernity, glamour and grit. Traveling alone is a great way to take in the magnitude of . . . "

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