Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travel tips from those who know best

Nailing Travel to an Art
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Road Warrior provides travel tips from those who know best: busy executives and other globetrotters. See previous columns. Based in Hong Kong and New York, Sundaram Tagore has visited 90 countries and spends two weeks of every month traveling to ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Now Online | T Fall Travel 2012 - NYTimes.
The fall travel issue of T begins in Tel Aviv, where we visit Claire Danes on the set of the hit spy series, “Homeland.” Next it's off to Cape Bjare, ...

Gadling Gear Review: Solar Chargers For Travel | Gadling.com
By Kraig Becker
Keeping all of our electronic gadgets charged while traveling can be a real challenge, particularly if you're visiting a remote part of the world wher.

The 'Right' Way To Travel: My Defection From The 'Holier Than Thou' Brigade
Huffington Post (blog)
If there's one thing that irritates me, it's people who think they are "holier than thou" when it comes to travel. These are the people who trump every travel experience you mention with one of their own that they consider intrepidly superior to your ...

Cuomo Goes Fishing for Tourism in New York's Adirondacks Region
Photographers chased New York Governor Andrew Cuomo across a ridge for almost an hour, attempting to catch his image as he trolled for trout in a rowboat about 100 feet below. It was the backdrop of the state's tallest mountains painted with the gold ...

In California, 'birth tourism' appears to grow
Kansas City Star
Critics call it "birth tourism" and the practice is solidly entrenched in the Los Angeles area, though so-called maternity homes catering to expectant mothers from East Asia are also advertised in the San Francisco Bay Area. No one knows how many ...

China-Japan Islands Dispute Stokes S. Korean Tourism Boom
Mainland Chinese visits to Japan surged 72 percent through July from a year earlier to 947,600, making it the second- biggest source of visitors after South Korea, according to the Japan NationalTourism Organization. Overall outbound travel numbers ...

Travel advisory for tourists in Palestine...
By Terry Weber
How to avoid occupying forces when you're traveling in Palestine.

Locals hope yodelling class boosts Austrian tourism | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
Go hiking in the Alps around Salzburg these days and you won't be surprised to hear a resounding “Hol-la ra-e ho-e he!” Amid the green pastures and snowy peaks that famously inspired Julie Andrews to launch into song in “The Sound of ...
The Raw Story

Travel To-Do List: 7 Trips Every Woman Should Take In Her Lifetime ...
By Winona Dimeo-Ediger
Travel is good for us. Leaving familiar surroundings pushes us out of our comfort zone, introduces us to new cultures and experiences, and allows us to view the - Full Size Image.
The Frisky

Family Travel Marketing Strategies Fail Families - Technorati Travel
Travel has failed to market to the "new" family. ... Guide-Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel Pros"; Gorillaland by Greg Cummings; The Travel and Tourism Industry ...

Question on train travel - Lonely Planet travel forum
I am arranging train tickets before my trip through an agent, who tells me that for certain trains on my itinerary, there are only three classes available: hard seat, ...

Help a Reader Travel: Hanoi - Deals We Like
Welcome to another post of helping a reader travel! As I've mentioned before, I have not been to every destination (unfortunately), but do get questions from ...

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