Saturday, February 2, 2013

Richard Branson's Travel Tips

Richard Branson's Travel Tips | " . . . . 7. Arrive early. Arriving at the airport early has its benefits. For one, you don’t get flustered rushing to the departure gate. Plus you have some time to pick out a good spot to sit on the plane. Whether you are on the lookout for an aisle seat, extra leg room, or a prime spot next to a gorgeous fellow passenger, getting there early improves your chances. 8. Don't forget your passport. While this one should be fairly obvious, it’s amazing how often people forget their passports at home. Earlier this year, I left my passport behind when I was on my way to Spain. A few weeks later my son, Sam, did the same thing. Without your passport, the rest of these tips aren’t really applicable. Safe and happy travels, everyone!"

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