Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Budget Travel Nicaragua

Budget Travel: Nicaragua
Fox News Latino
Though it's been making more appearances in travel magazines lately, Nicaragua remains one of Central America's less-visited destinations. Overshadowed by Costa Rica, which has a far bigger budget to invest in marketing to the North American market,...

Travel deals that seem too good to be true
Fox News
All right welcome back it's one of my favorite segments -- -- and -- wintertime blues right now you're cold I'm all stuffed up you want a nice vacation right you think it's too expensive and out of reach for you not anymore Courtney Scott. As a senior ...

How The Filthy Rich Really Travel
Huffington Post
As part of a $2.5 million, two-week birthday romp through southern France that a Los Angeles man threw for his wife and 30 of her friends, 20 vintage cars from all over Europe were imported to Provence for a road rally through the Bandol wine region.

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