Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top tips for women business travellers

Good Travel tips--not just for women--

Top tips for female business travellers - Business Review Europe: ". . . In general, an outgoing personality encounters more security risks than those with an introverted character. Being careful about attire is important as designer clothes and jewellery attract attention. . . . Research the security situation prior to travel and understand the areas that are considered safe and unsafe. Are there cultural sensitivities? What is the status of women in business and society? What languages are spoken? Are bare arms and legs permitted or appropriate? . . . Be a hard target - Arrange to be met at the airport by a company or hotel car or even better, by a colleague or friend. Avoid unlicensed taxis, ensure mobiles are switched to roaming prior to travel, carry a list of key contacts, book a room on the third floor or higher and ask for women-only floors if available. Never accept food or drink from a stranger. #4 – Confidence and assertiveness . . . " read more here

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