Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cubans can leave, but to where and with what?

Cubans can leave, but to where and with what?: "November 11. 2012 - HAVANA — Vladimir Maiquil, 50, casts his fishing line off Havana's seafront boulevard, the Malec√≥n, into the waters of the Florida Straits, 90 miles from America. "I'd love to travel and have the opportunity to see the world," Maiquil says, "but how can I afford the flight? I've got no chance. It's almost impossible." For decades, Cuba has been a country whose government would not let its people leave. But in October, it announced a lifting of the despised travel ban to begin in January. The announcement cheered Cubans as well as millions of Cuban Americans whose families have escaped the island since its takeover by communists. But it is unlikely the change will result in a tidal wave of Cuban travelers. The new law means that beginning Jan. 14, Cubans will no longer have to apply for a costly exception to the travel ban, known as an exit visa, or show a letter of invitation from a person in the intended destination. . . "

Cuban Time Travel by Jeffrey Frankel - Project Syndicate
By Jeffrey Frankel
For US citizens, the short trip to Havana requires navigating something of an invisible obstacle course, owing to the trade and travel embargo that their government maintains against Cuba. It also turns out to be a trip to the past – specifically, ...
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Travel: Mario Batali's Guide to Lake Michigan
Vanity Fair
Between his various television appearances, overseeing two dozen restaurants across the globe, and being a dad, it's a small miracle the Iron Chef gets time to sleep, let alone time to vacation. But when he can get away, he packs his signature orange ...

Mexico Travel Warning Updated Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday As ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the U.S. State Department updated its travel warning for Mexico. ... Despite bad press and travel warnings, Mexico tourism holds its own ... New State Dept. warning exempts most Mexico tourist spots ...
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Save $500 On A Mountain Travel Sobek Galapagos Island - Gadling
By Kraig Becker
Mountain Travel Sobek Galapagos Island adventures are $500 off in January If you're like me you're probably already looking ahead to 2013 and planning your next adventure. If that happens to be the case, and the Galapagos Islands have ...

How far can you travel on a travel budget? |
By graphicdesigner_
You can travel 12 times further by train than by plane for the same carbon footprint. We've shown how some ways of travelling are greener than other.
Travel - Life & Style - The Times of India
|The cobalt blue of the sea in the travel magazine I held matched exactly with that of the one below us as ... Happy days here again for Agra's tourism industry ...

Enjoy Unforgettable Indochina Tours with Vietnam Tourism JSC ...
Vietnam and, to a lesser extent Cambodia & Laos are becoming ever more popular destination for travelers all over the world. Looking for an experienced ...

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