Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arthur Frommer gets Frommer brand back from Google

Arthur Frommer gets Frommer brand back from Google - Travel - "Google confirmed in an email Wednesday night that the brand was returned to its founder, but added that the travel content it had acquired from Frommer’s and Wiley had been integrated into various Google services such as Google Plus. The terms of the deal between Google and Frommer were not disclosed. Pat Carrier, who has watched the ups and downs of the travel publishing industry as the former owner of the Globe Corner Bookstore in Cambridge, Mass., said the whole thing was ‘‘baffling.’’ ‘‘I don’t get why they (Google) bought Frommer’s and then decided to essentially shut down the whole enterprise,’’ he said. ‘‘Do they really think the content that they acquired from the Frommer’s deal has a longer shelf life than yogurt?’’ Jason Clampet, who reported Google’s decision to cease publishing Frommer content on, called Frommer’s reacquisition of his brand ‘‘fantastic news.’’"

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