Thursday, July 28, 2011

Replacing a lost U.S. passport

Ask the US Embassy - Replacing a lost visa
Jamaica Observer
My daughter had to leave the United States using an emergency passport at a later date. Her missing passport was reported to authorities in the United States, but the passport has not been found. My daughter would like to travel again soon. The visa in ...
Mongol Rally, Day 4: Will visa woes mean the end of the road?
Los Angeles Times
But I'm having a bout of anxiety, and here's why: The Uzbek Embassy was late in processing thevisa of my trusted friend and cameraman, Steven Priovolos, so he was forced to travel across Europe on his Greek travel documents because his passport is at ...
10 Considerations For Using Your Credit Card Abroad
San Francisco Chronicle
Not all types of cards are as widely accepted as others, so you should stick to some of the more universal cards like Visa or MasterCard. Generally credit cards offer a better exchange rate than the current rates at banks or currency exchange offices. ...
English and Credit Cards Altering Russians' Travel Plans
The Moscow Times
Afonina's discovery may seem nothing special in the West, but for Russia, it amounts to a looming revolution in the tourist industry. Since the Iron Curtain crumpled two decades ago, making foreign travel possible for regular Russians, ...
Ugandan national to be deported
Times of India
He did not possess a passport and his visa had expired in January, 2010. During questioning, Kasiita claimed that he was registered at the foreigners registration office of Bangalore police, but verification revealed he had provided false information. ...
Visa spat reveals instability of India-China relations
Open Democracy
In the case of Arunachal Pradesh, entirely claimed by China which refers to the state as 'Southern Tibet', China only started issuing stapled visas to non-officials earlier this year while officials can stilltravel to China without a visa...
Bug in Nadra halts issuance of new CNICs
His mother needed CNIC for having computerised passport to travel abroad. But she could not apply for visa unless she gets passport on the basis of her national identity card. Mr Baloch said his mother was supposed to have CNIC in two days but after an ...
Gap year travellers 'need to check passports' before heading away
Flying Fish (press release)
He also said travellers should check with the embassies of the countries they will be going to as early as possible to find out if they need a visa for their year out. "Your travel plans may well unravel if you don't have the right documents," Mr ...
Uganda: Obua in Desperate Dash for Europa Clash
"I handed in my passport but they could not add pages immediately. I have to go back in the morning (today)," said Obua from his hotel in London. "If stuff works out, I will then go to the Hungarian Embassy in London for the visa and board the earliest ...
Ambassadors to India: A new adventure
Finally my visa and passport were returned to me. I was thrilled to fill out the customer satisfaction survey for Travisa Outsourcing. I've come to believe the logistics of planning a long-term stay abroad are unending, and the only force that finally ...
Visa-free travel for Qatar, UK diplomatic passport holders
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
(MENAFN - The Peninsula) The Deputy Emir and Heir Apparent HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has issued an instrument of ratification approving a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Doha on February 23 between the governments of Qatar and the ...
Two undocumented US residents tell their stories
The Guardian
We came to the US on a tourist visa. From the moment we came, we planned to stay. My parents tried to do the right thing; they started the process to get a green card within the first year but the whole immigration system is broken. ...

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